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COLORS (This page is being updated. Call for information.)

Some variations may occur between the screen or print color and actual color of the product.

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Natural Hardwood Veneers

Representing the most popular natural hardwood species used today: Birch, Oak, Mahogany, Walnut. Hardwoods are select grade veneers laminated to 1/4" MDF core providing excellent dimensional stability. Factory finishing process consists of sealer and protective clear lacquer (non-tinted) top coats. Factory finishing minimizes moisture penetration while providing increased stability of individual door body panels. (Custom stain finish service is available - color samples to be supplied to us for matching.)

Special Hardwood Veneers
Other exotic and special hardwood veneers are also available. Please contact our Office for further details.
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Natural Oak
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Light Oak
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Dark Oak
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Vinyl-Lam Woodgrains

Incredibly realistic in appearance, our vinyl-lam woodgrain finishes provide a wide range of color selection representing several wood species. In addition to the clear finishes duplicating Birch, Natural Oak, Pecan, Teak and Walnut, we offer two additional Oak finishes (Light Oak and Dark Oak) representing popular stain selections. Woodfold's vinyl-lam finishes are laminated to 1/4" medium density fiberboard providing excellent dimensional stability. Birch Natural Oak Light Oak* Dark Oak Pecan Teak Mahogany Walnut

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Solid Colors And Textures
Available in all Series. Woodfold's solid color vinyl in Off-White and Tan and our multi-toned textured Chalk, Tahiti, Rattan and Amethyst are selected to compliment the most popular current interior colorations. Woodfold's vinyl-lam finishes are laminated to 1/4" medium density fiberboard for excellent dimensional stability. White Tan Chalk* Tahiti Rattan Amethyst

Note: Light Oak* vinyl and Chalk* vinyl available with Class 1 fire retardant core.

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Decorative Laminates

High pressure decorative laminates may be specified for application on all accordion doors. The wide selection of high pressure laminates provides an exceptionally wide choice. High pressure laminates are specified for their durability and ease of maintenance. Typical installations include hospitals, laboratories, restaurants, etc., where these features are essential. Rather than offering a limited quantity of standard colors, Woodfold's custom service allows the selection from all nationally recognized brand laminates. Please advise pattern number and manufacturer's name such as:


    Ranging from 10' to 14' wide and 7' to 9' high decorative

    murals provide an additional option for residential or
    commercial accordion doors.

Wall Coverings

The creative decorative option providing for application of

specified wall covering materials to accordion doors to match
and compliment the interior wall selections.

    Decorative Inserts

    Textured glass or Oak laser-crafted decorative inserts are

    available in designs shown below. Inserts measure 2 1/4"
    wide x 15" high.

Custom Logos

Custom designed and applied logos, trademarks or corporate images may be applied to accordion doors utilizing newly developed manufacturing techniques. Please provide artwork desired and contact office for more details.

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Track, Hardware and Hinge System

Clear finish supplied with Off-White, Chalk and Amethyst doors. Bronze finish supplied with all others. Gold finish is available at extra cost.


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Vinyl Panel Connectors

Color-coordinated, the following combinations are supplied as Woodfold standards: -
White with Off-White, Chalk, and Amethyst; Sand with Hardwood Birch, Hardwood Oak, Birch Vinyl, Natural Oak Vinyl, Tan, Tahiti and Rattan; Brown with all other body panels.

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Acrylic Panels

Visifold Series 440/540 doors available with transparent Clear or Bronze acrylic panels (1/8" thick) from Woodfold inventory. Other 1/8" thick panel options available by quotation.

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