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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (This page is being updated. Call for information.)

How do I measure finished openings?
To assure correct sizing of your Woodfold accordion door the finished opening should be measured exact side to side dimension and exact height from header surface (where track attaches) to final finished floor or counter surface. This dimension should be stated width first and then height and should represent sizes after everything has been done to the opening that will ever be done to it.

How much do Woodfold accordion doors weigh?
Depending on the Series, weights are as follows. Series 240: 6-8 height 10 lbs per lineal foot, 8-0 height 12 lbs per lineal foot. Series 440, 540: 10-0 height 15 lbs per lineal foot, 12-0 height 18 lbs per lineal foot

What is the "best" shipping schedule?
Woodfold's normal production cycle (manufacturing time [up to 250 lineal feet] for all Series in our standard finishes) is two to three weeks. Time in transit will average five to ten days from the U.S. West Coast to the East Coast. Additional shipping times apply for Alaska, Canada, Hawaii and other offshore destinations.

What is the warranty of Woodfold doors?
By use of our continuous pin hinge hardware system, we have virtually eliminated the two vulnerable areas found in traditional accordion doors. These are the outside fold and the roller system. This hardware system will prevent the vinyl panel connector used at the outside fold from cracking or checking. Also, rather than being fastened into the core of the body panel, the metal shank of the top roller system is riveted to the upper metal continuous pin hinge hardware system. Therefore, under normal circumstances, if any of the following situations occur, we would, upon return of the door, repair it or replace it.
   The vinyl panel connectors crack or check.
   The rollers break out.
   The body panels delaminate.
We do not have a warranty regarding installation repair, re-installation, labor or transportation. Unfinished doors do not have a warranty.

What is a stack left?
What is a stack right? What is a right-hand door? What is a left-hand door? As you face the door from the primary side, stack left or left-hand would stack and be affixed to the wall/jamb on your left. Stack right or right-hand would be stacked/affixed to the wall/jamb on your right.

What are the requirements for the header to handle the weight of the door?

Headers should be fabricated to span the entire opening without sagging. Folding door track must be plumb and level for the door to operate properly. In consideration of various building code and structural requirements we suggest that structural and design requirements for support be addressed locally.

How do I install the doors in the opening?
Woodfold doors are top suspended. Track will be attached to the header with screws provided. Complete installation instructions are provided with each door.

Is my door repairable in the field?
Some repairs are easily accomplished in the field. Others require specialized tooling with equipment available only at the Woodfold factory. For specific repair questions please contact Woodfold.

Can I paint the door?
Vinyl-lam doors and hardwood veneer doors are not suitable for painting in the field. If you want to paint a Woodfold door, we suggest that you specify our paint grade MDF material or better yet allow Woodfold to custom paint or stain the door to match your finish requirements. Please note that unfinished doors carry no warranty.

I've changed my mind on the color. Can I paint over the door panels?
Woodfold doors are typically faced in vinyl lam or hardwood veneers with a lacquer topcoat. Vinyl lam panels cannot be painted. Hardwoods, if hand sanded lightly, may be able to be painted or restained in the field. Extreme care must be taken not to get any finishing materials on the panel connectors or into the saw kerfs. Any refinishing in the field would void Woodfold's warranty.

Can I exchange or return my door?
Every Woodfold door is custom made to size and as such is not returnable.

How do I shorten a Woodfold door?
Woodfold 240 Series doors can be shortened in the field. 440/ 540 Series doors cannot be shortened in the field. Specific instructions are available upon request.

What latch/lock options are available?
Woodfold's 240, 440, Series doors feature a latch two sides with dead latch as standard. Latch one side or a magnet are available at no additional charge. Key lock options are available at additional cost.

Do Woodfold doors fold flat?
No. By design an accordion folding door is intended to have adjacent panels at a slight angle (it depends on the fullness of the door within the opening). If they folded flat the stacking action would be lost.

Are Woodfold doors reversible?
Our 240, 440/540, 640/740 Series doors are reversible and may be stacked left or right. This may change the jamb/mounting panel direction or may require reversing the lock/latching mechanism.

What is your heaviest duty door?
All Woodfold doors are fabricated with 4-1/4" x 1/4" body panels featuring a steel hardware hinge system, top and bottom. The 240 Series door is used in numerous commercial installations including restaurants, conference rooms and industrial settings.

Can you key the door to my system?
Woodfold's Adams-Wright lock system is provided standard with a Weiser cylinder. Most commercially available lock cylinders can be installed in the Adams-Wright unit in the field by a qualified locksmith. Woodfold also offers master and custom keying at the time of manufacture.

Can you have one color vinyl on one side of the door and another color of vinyl on the other side of the door?
No. Woodfold receives their vinyl lam material pre-applied from the panel supplier. This assures you of the highest quality and best lamination technology available. For multi-colored doors we do offer custom paint or stain services.

Does the door get fastened at the bottom as well as the top?
No. Woodfold doors are top suspended only.

Do I make any deductions for actual door size?
Fabrication dimensions required by Woodfold call for final exact finish openings. Do not deduct from this finished opening size. However, for floor clearances other than the standard 5/8" nominal clearance you can specify the clearance you want. For instance, 5' 0" wide x 6' 8" high with 1" floor clearance. For 2100 and 3300 Series doors specify exact finished opening size only.

What is the maximum length per piece for track?
Woodfold track is extruded in 12' lengths. Actual track lengths provided with doors are based on a number of factors. In some instances the track is shipped packed separately or the track may also be packed within the door crate. In the event of multiple pieces of track for a single door the track profile provides for splice pins.

What size doors are available from Woodfold?
Woodfold's 220 Series doors are available to fit maximum widths of 8' 0" and heights of 8' 1". Our 440 and 540 Series doors are available in any width and in heights to 10' 1". Our 240 Series doors are available in any width and in heights up to 12' 1". In above sizes vinyl lam doors are available in finished opening heights to 12' 1", hardwoods are limited to 10'1" finished opening heights.

Do you make fire doors?
Woodfold offers doors fabricated of Class I fire retardant body panel material. This rating applies to the medium density fiberboard (MDF) body panel core only and does not apply to the door as a unit.

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