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  Easy to use tool to test tension of your ropes so that you save wear and tear on your sheaves.

Model RTG
• Application (Refer to drawing)

1. After hoist ropes have been installed,
take fully assembled RTG and loop
hook #1 around one of the hoist ropes.
Do this approximately 3 feet or more
above counterweight shackles.

2. Place pivot #2 against rope.

3. Adjust scale #3 with stretch and attach
hook to hoist rope.

4. Take readings. Preferred range for
proper tensioning is between 26 and
30 lbs. Tighten ropes to achieve this

5. Repeat procedures 1- 4 two more
times, once below deflection sheave
and once above car top fittings.

NOTE: A & B dimensions will vary
according to cable diameter and load
on cables.
At no time should the variance between ropes exceed 4 lbs.
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