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  This “bullet” style package has proven to be more reliable than the magnetic switch/vane type package
  previously sold. Less installation time required.

The package consists of:
• One limit switch cam complete with mounting brackets
• Two limit switches with mounting brackets
• One 6 lane car top selector bow complete with mounting bracket.
  The two outside lanes are for leveling and door zone.
  The four single switch lanes are for “stepping” and slow down.
• Four bullets per floor
• 0.039 diameter wire (coiled)
• Complete installation instructions

Model LD2B
• 2 Stop leveling
Model LD3B
• 3 Stop leveling
Model LD4B
• 4 Stop leveling
Model LD5B
• 5 Stop leveling
Model LD6B
• 6 Stop leveling
Model LD7B
• 7 Stop leveling

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