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  Potable Filter System with collapsible handle, fully automatic, operates unattended, welded steel frame, corrosion
  resistant chrome finish, monitor gauges for system pressure and element condition.

  Designed to meet OSHA requirements.

Model PFS87S-500

Potable Filter System
• Pump -- 2 GPM rotary steel gear positive
displacement, quick priming, integral pressure relief valve.
• Electrical -- 120V AC single phase 1/3 HP motor. Power
failure protection. Low voltage protection, U.L. approved
• Cleans oil fast and continuously
• Ultra fine contamination control (down to 1 micron) and
water removal
• Moves easily from job to job
• Makes oil last longer, so it costs less
• Fully automatic operation
• System can handle emulsified water in oil

Model PFSR
• Replacement filters

(1 micron for systems manufactured before 1995)

Model PFSR-1000
• Replacement filters

(1 micron for systems manufactured after 1995)

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  * Dedicated filtering systems available: call for quote.

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