Our quality built 120VAC pit flood alarms designed for up to 4’ deep pit and equipped with an 8’ long power cord, 3-wire grounded plug, and 6” alarm bell. They are extremely adjustable, mounting to 8#, 12#, or 15# rails. One or two liquid level float switches installed on 4’ galvanized rigid steel conduits (GRC). Mounting unistrut 1-5/8” x 13/16” x 14” and hardware included.
Custom sizes are available.

Model PFA1

   • One rigid steel conduit
   • One float switch
   • Switch activates alarm bell

Model PFA2
  • Two rigid steel conduits
  • Two float switches
  • First switch activates alarm bell
  • Second switch designed for auxiliary control circuit

Model AB120
Replacement alarm bell.
  • 120VAC 0.1A
  • 86 dB at 10 feet
  • CSA and UL listed

Model 21FA002
Replacement float switch.
  • SPST, 120VAC 0.14A
  • NC or NO, field reversible
  • CSA and UL listed

Secure unistrut mounting arm horizontally to the alarm bell box with two nuts. Attach the arm to guide rail with clips provided. Pit flood alarm bell box must be located above highest water level or no less than 12" above bottom landing floor. In case of standard 48" pit depth, float switch would be 12" above pit floor. A second float switch (Model PFA2) can be wired to an elevator control circuit, and prevent car to go into the bottom landing if 13" of water present in a pit.

Pit flood alarm PDF flyer.

Model PFA2