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This fully integrated command unit accommodates up to 32 ada-compliant area of rescue stations. The unit’s strobe/sounder indicates an incoming call, and led lights indicate the calling location.

• AOR Command Units are fully compliant with the IBC (2015) 1009, ADAAG 7, ICC A117.1 Ch. 7, NFPA 72 (2016) 24.10
• Automatically and continuously monitors for integrity (grounds, shorts, opens) and alerts by LED and sounder
• Accommodates 8, 16, 24 and 32 ADA compliant area of rescue stations
• LEDs on command unit indicate calling station and line status
• On-site calling requires no outside phone lines
• Off-site calling requires only one phone line for each set of 8 stations
• When first call is completed, 2nd call is automatically placed, and phone rings
• Siren is activated when emergency call is first detected, shuts off when call has been answered
• Strobe is activated when emergency call is first detected and remains active for duration of call
• Includes built-in local phone
• 16 gauge painted steel enclosure, acrylic windows
Surface mount or recess mount with optional trim ring, AOR-TR32 or AOR-TR16. Strobe/ sounder mounts to standard 4” square box.
Lighted phone with 12-button keypad receives and selectively originates calls.
Power Source:
Built-in UPS provides 4-hour power back-up to stations in case of power failure.
One twisted, shielded pair per station not to exceed 25 ohms.
Strobe is rated at 15 candela, flashes once per second.
Command Unit is for indoor use, outdoor Area of Rescue Stations are available (ETP-500 Series).
Sounder ranges from 90 to 100 dBA, has 8 alerting sounds.
Call Station Options:
ETP-110 Series Call Station, ETP-500 Series Call Station.
AOR-8 and AOR-16 Power Supply Approvals:
EMI conducted and radiated EN61204-3 Class A, Safety EN60950, UL294 Access Control, UL 603 Burglar Systems, UL 1076 Proprietary Burglar, UL 1481 Fire Alarm Systems.
AOR-24 and AOR 32 Power Supply Approvals:
UL 294 6th Edition, UL 603, UL 1481 and,ULC-S318 listed.

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Command Unit AOR-8 AOR-16 AOR-24 AOR-32
Area of rescue stations 8 stations 16 stations 24 stations 32 stations
Power 0.5A, 122VAC  0.7A, 122VAC  0.9A, 122VAC 1.0 A, 122VAC 
AC Input Rating  90-250VAC, 47-63Hz, 150W  115-230VAC, 50-60Hz, 150W 
Dimensions, surface mount 14.5"W x 26.7"H x 5"D 14.5"W x 43.6"H x 6"D
Dimensions, recess mount 16.2"W x 28.5"H x 5"D 16.3"W x 45.3"H x 6"D
Recess mount Trim Ring AOR-TR16 AOR-TR32
Weight 19 Lbs. 59 Lbs.

ADA compliant call stations

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