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Quality Elevator Beam Pads are manufactured from heavy duty 10 oz. Olive green fire-resistant cotton duck with a Fiber-Lok filling. Each of these quilted pads is supplied with #3 spur grommets for attaching. All sizes are constructed with binder tape providing superior closure for the filling, adding long life to the product.

Model BP1     Beam Pad 12” x 18”
Model BP3     Beam Pad 15” x 24”
Model BP5     Beam Pad 18” x 24”
Model BP6     Beam Pad 12” x 21”

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Model CP500002
  Vinyl Pad
Model CP500000  Canvas Pad

Please call or fax a copy of worksheet for price quote.
When ordering, please specify the following:
• Panel Sizes
• Material ( Vinyl or Canvas)
• Color
Pad Hooks

Quality Elevator Cab Pads are available in a choice of blue, tan or gray.
Custom colors are available if required. They are manufactured with an outside cover of vinyl or canvas with Fiber-Lok interior cushioning.
Reinforced buttonholes are standard, with grommets available upon request. Standard shipping time is one to two weeks after receipt of order with work sheet.

The pads are made from flame retardant materials tested both individually and as a complete pad. They meet ASTM E84 UL, CAN 3-B44-M90, and NFPA701 standards and also conform to Rule 204.2 for passenger car enclosures.

 Elevator protective pads worksheet and quote form  To order, fill out worksheet/quote form. Adobe Reader XI (v.11) or newer recommended.

 Elevator protective pads worksheet and quote form

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