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  Our top quality lubricants are bottled in special, easy-to-use plastic containers. All lubricants are stocked in gallons only, except Q-30 Guide Rail Lube, and Q-80 Cable Lube, which are also sold in quarts. Pricing for larger containers available upon request.

     View the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for these items.

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Q-10 No Drip Oil

Designed for lubrication of overhead door assemblies.
Will not drip or run off. Viscosity: 50 SUS @ 100 F.

Model Q-20 Chain Lube
Medium viscosity adhesive oil to penetrate and lubricate chains. Excellent anti-wear properties. Will not readily wash off. Low pour points allow for low temperatures use. Viscosity: 300 SUS @ 100 F. Can be substituted for Westinghouse #16 and Otis #40 oil.

Model Q-28 Dash Pot Oil
Not a carcinogen, gold liquid, mild petroleum odor, boiling point 500F.

Model Q-30 Guide Rail Lube
High viscosity, low pour lubricating oil with metal adhesive qualities to keep guide rails isolated from metal wear. Viscosity: 700 SUS @ 100 F.

Model Q-40 Electric Motor Oil
Virgin mineral oil with good dielectric properties used to lubricate electric motors. SAE 20. Viscosity: 300 SUS @ 100 F. Can be substituted for Westinghouse #2 oil.

Model Q-45 Gear Oil
#40 Gear Oil.

Model Q-50 Worm Gear Oil
Designed for low ambient temperatures and intermittent operations. Viscosity: 3000 SUS @ 100 F. Can be substituted for Westinghouse #12 and Otis #33 gear oils.

Model Q-60 Worm Gear Oil
For applications where high temperature, excessive leakage or continuous operation necessitates a heavy-duty, high-flash oil. Viscosity: 6000 SUS @ 100 F.

Model Q-70 Brake Pot Oil
High dielectric, highly refined oil with a very low pour point. Used in dash pot reservoirs. Dyed red to separate it from other oils. Viscosity: 115 SUS @ 100 F.

Model Q-7215 Buffer Oil
Buffer oil, sold by the gallon.

Model Q-80 Wire Rope Lubricant
Designed to clean, lubricate and protect wire ropes and cables. This non-volatile oil removes excess dirt and reduces frictional forces. 30F pour point. Dyed bright green to distinguish it from other oils.

Model A-1 Odor Diffuser

A blend of plant extracts designed to neutralize the odors associated with hydraulic oil. Can be used at any time to mask the oily odors. Imparts a slightly fruity fragrance which is much more pleasant than burnt oil. It is designed to be used at a treat level of 1 pint per 200 gallons of hydraulic oil. Addition of higher levels may be necessary in some cases to adequately mask the oil odor. Is completely compatible with petroleum oils, additives as well as the seals, paints, and metals found in conventional hydraulic systems. Viscosity: SUS 100 F -60, flash point F-320, Color Gold, Odor - Fruity, Pint container.

Model CR-HO32 Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic Oil (5 Gallon) #32.

Model MOB Machine Oil
Machine Oil, 4 oz. bottles

Model SLP Multi-Purpose Lubricant
11 oz. Aerosol can multi-purpose lubricant for industrial, office and home use.

Model SLP-QSC Sliding Compound
One quart sliding compound with silicones

Model WA-9 Anti-Chatter Additive
Is a powerful additive designed to be added to hydraulic oil in elevators, fork lifts, and hydraulic presses to reduce chattering and sticking of multi-mast hydraulic assemblies. Improves the film strength of the oil while increasing the ability to fully wet metallic surfaces. This results in smoother and cooler operation of all hydraulic systems. It is a nonvolatile oil which will not contribute to seal deterioration or corrosion of metallic surfaces. The moderate viscosity, amber color, and excellent odor characteristics will not change the appearance or physical properties of the current hydraulic oil. WA-9 is intended to be used at 0.5% in any petroleum based hydraulic oil. Over treating will not harm the system, but is not recommended due to cost efficiencies. Gallon container, ratio 1 gallon per 200 gallons oil, viscosity, SUS 100F - 350, flash point F-400, odor - mild.

  Valves may have to readjusted after use. The information given herein is believed to be reliable, but no guarantee is made or liability assumed by the manufacturer.

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