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Model BATBR23A

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Model EP-10063300 with EP-10000301

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Model EP-695-6

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Model EP-EFP1120B


for Model
15EL002 ELPB-1   Power pack - includes circuit board and battery
15EL003 ELCM-1   Power pack - includes circuit board and battery
15EL004 ELWS-2   Power pack - includes circuit board and battery
15EL005 ELSL-2   Without bell
15EL006 ELSL-2   Without lens
15EL007 ELSL-2   Lens w/ leads
15EL008 ELPB-1   Lens & bracket
A02EL001 ELWS-2   Lens only
A02EL005 ELPB-1   Lens only
21EL001B     Circuit board only ELSL 2
21EL005     NICAD battery - 5 to 6 year life span (approx.)


  Replacement lamp
BATBR23A     3-volt battery with Epson Plug and 5” leads, for T.I., G.E.and
  Maida Micro-Processor back-ups. Minimum 5-year shelf life.

          “EPCO” Emergency Lighting Products.

Model   Description
EP-10063300   Dual lamp, ceiling mounted, emergency light fixture
EP-10000301   6 volt power pack
EP-695-6   6 volt “GEL” battery
EP-NP24-12B   24 volt “GEL” battery, for “Flexi-Light”
EP-EFP1120B   Circuit Board for “Flexi-Light”
EP-EFP1120C   Charger for “Flexi-Light”
EP-EFP1120P   Power Pack for “Flexi-Light”
EP-EFP1120K   Choke for “Flexi-Light”
NOTE: Complete “Flexi-Light” consists of 1 each, Charger, Power Pack and Choke.
  See for additional batteries page.

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