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Intake cross flow fan designed for elevator cab ventilation and utilizes negative ion generator and UV lamp for air sterilization.
Unit mounts on rooftop of the elevator.

  Model 21FN014

• Built-in negative ion generator and UV lamp

• UV and ozone perform sterilization

• Negative ions reduce and prevent dust

• Sterilization rate is 99% and higher

• Low noise, high air volume and air pressure

• Motor has an overheat protection device

• Multi-wing impeller with novel structure

• Small size, lightweight, easy installation

• Fan retrofit adapter plate Model 21FN016

Cab UV Fan PDF flyer
Cab UV Fan PDF flyer

Fan operation

Elevator in motion, doors are close
The sterilization and purification fan delivers the air from the hoistway into the car. This air is sterilized by the UV light in the air inlet and then travels through the negative ion generator to provide secondary negative ion sterilization. This settles dust in the car and ensures a safe environment.
Elevator landed, doors are open
In the case of the continuous use of the fan, the air blows into the car and creates positive pressure. When the car door is open, the air flows out. Throughout the car, the purification fan works and keeps the air sterilized and purified. 

Installation and maintenance

It is not recommended to install the cab sterilization fan together with any other existed fans. Consider to install the cab sterilization fan in place of existing exhaust fan.
The unit permanently mounts on top of the elevator. The unit is not waterproof and designed for indoor installation only. Do not clean or wipe unit while in use to prevent personal injury accidents. The installation height of the wind blade is higher than 7.5 feet. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp should be replaced every 5000 hours.
The fan as well suitable for control rooms, purification and clean rooms, laboratories, production workshops, corridors and aisles.


Sterilization Disinfection bacteria killing technology Negative ion generator and UV lamp, wavelength 254 nm
Coronavirus killing rate >99.99%
Sterilization Rate >99%
PM2.5 removal rate >99%
Negative ion concentration 3.5x107 10% pcs/cm
Ozone concentration <0.037 mg/m
Fan data Fan type Cross flow fan, car top mount
Way of air flow Hoistway intake, cabin return
Multi-wing impeller 3.6" x 10.5"L
Noise 45dB(A)@1m
Circulating air volume 177CFM
Motor speed  1150RPM
Air outlet dimensions 1.75"W x 10.63"L
Operation Voltage 110VAC 50/60Hz
Germicidal UV Light Bulb  6W
Total unit power 25W
External dimensions 17.45"L x 7"H x 6.3"W
Net weight 6Lb.
Maintenance Maintenance requirement UV lamp replacement, dust clearing
Maintenance period for UV lamp 5000 hours, typical
   Germicidal UV Light Bulb  G8T5/GL, 6W
Model 21FN016

Fan Adapter Plate recommended for installation the Elevator Cab UV Sterilization Fan Model 21FN014.

The adapter plate designed to simplify retrofit installation of UV Sterilization Fan in place of 10” square or 12” round fans.

The plate and the fans mounting hole positions are equal.

No modification of cab rooftop required for existing opening bigger than 9” square or 11” round.

Plate made from 16 Ga. steel, 15-3/4” x 15-3/4”, painted grey. Mounting hardware included.

Fan retrofit adapter plate PDF flyer
Fan retrofit adapter plate PDF flyer