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Escalator Handrail UV Sterilization Lamp

The UV sterilization lamp is designed for escalators and moving walkways. The short wave 270~285nm ultraviolet has the bactericidal effect. The principle of the UV sterilization method is to damage the molecular structure of microbial cell’s (bacteria, virus and other pathogens) DNA and RNA.

When the escalator is running, the UV light kills the bacteria on the handrail. Sterilization rate >99%. The sterilization device is concealed on the return side under the handrail to ensure passenger safety. Multiple sterilization devices can be installed on the same escalator, based on the rise of the unit.

In case the of the handrail length 28m (92ft) and the running speed of 0.5m/s (3.3 ft/s), one running cycle of the handrail is 56s and the residence time of the irradiation area is 0.2s. Since the cumulative effective sterilization time is 1min, escalator needs to operate 4.6 hours to achieve the 99.99% sterilization effect.


This lamp must be installed inside the enclosed space. Reflector of the lamp goes through the handrail. Luminous surface of the lamp faces the handrail. Distance of 10-15 mm 0.4”-0.6” between handrail and lamp brings the best sterilization effect. If the escalator pauses or stops, the lamp should be turned off accordingly.

Technical Parameters

Disinfection technology UV emitted LED
Wave length 270~285nm
Bactericidal efficiency >99.99%
Virus killing rate >99.99%
Sterilization Distance <15mm, <0.6"
Irradiation area 100 x 50 mm, 3.94" x 1.97"
Initial Irrandiance >45uW/cm (@15mm)
Irrandiance@10000Hrs >38uW/cm (@15mm)
Material PC, SUS304, Quartz Glass
LED Size 3.5 x 3.5 mm, 0.14" x 0.14"
LED Quantity 12 PCS
Input Voltage DC24V10%
Input Current <0.15A
Design Lifetime 10000hrs
IP Protecting Level IP55
Working Temperature -13?F ~ +140?F
Relative Humidity <95%
Off and On time >300,000 times
Cable length 10 ft.
Weight 1.5 lb.
Certification CE certified

1. Sterilization Distance: Vertical distance between light emitting surface of lamp and handrail.
2. The intensity of ultraviolet light decreases with the square of the distance of the LED light source.
3. The effect of ultraviolet sterilization is related to irradiation time and distance. The sterilization will be better if the irradiation time is longer and the distance is closer.

Escalator Handrail UV Sterilization Lamp PDF flyer
Escalator Handrail
UV Sterilization Lamp
PDF flyer

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