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Elevator Air Conditioner/Heater Unit-A

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Elevator Air Conditioner/Heater Unit-B


Elevator Air Conditioner/Heater Features
  • Unit mounts easily in virtually any position on top of the elevator
  • Self-contained, packaged design for easy installation
  • Compact rotary compressor saves space and weight
  • Rated at 7,100 BTUH nominal cooling capacity (Unit-A)
  • Rated at 14000 BTUH nominal cooling capacity (Unit-B)
  • Mechanical heat/cool thermostat mounted in return air flex duct for secure settings and more accurate temperature sensing 15' umbilical for remote thermostat mounting; optional automatic changeover heat/cool thermostat available
  • Standard 1600 Watt electric heater delivers 5,600 BTUH heat capacity
  • Fan can be set to operate continuously for improved air circulation and filtration
  • 150 CFM airflow rate (Unit-A)
  • 450 CFM airflow rate (Unit-B)
  • Compressor hermetically sealed at factory for leak-proof refrigerant flow and efficient operation
  • Black finish on supply air diverter conceals it in the gap between the false ceiling and interior wall
  • Compressor and outer cabinet are mounted on shock absorbing rubber for added durability and noise reduction
  • Long lasting copper tubing is fabricated with shock loops to strengthen the system's vibration resistance
  • Gas-flux brazed joints on the tubing to resist corrosion
  • Start circuit with start capacitor and relay makes starting easier on the compressor
  • All galvanized steel construction of the outer cabinet ensures corrosion resistance
  • Heavy-duty, galvanized steel drain pan is specially designed for corrosion-resistant durability with bronze-brazed corners and powder-coated corners epoxy paint
  • Freeze protection is provided to prevent evaporator freeze-up (Unit-A)
  • Freeze protection is provided to prevent evaporator freeze-up, along with high and low pressure switches to protect against fan failure or refrigerant loss (Unit-B)
  • 4-pin connector plugs into air conditioner for easy thermostat hookup
  • Field wiring accomplished simply and easily to lugs on Printed Circuit Board
  • Washable filter drops into return air bonnet
  • Normally open contact for remote monitoring of unit shutdown or power outages (Unit-B)


Elevator AC/Heater Specifications

Elevator AC/Heater Specifications Unit-A Unit-B
Electrical Rating 115VAC, 60Hz, 1 Phase
Cooling Capacity BTUH 7,100 14.000
Heating Capacity BTUH 5,600 5.600
Air Delivery CFM 150 450
Locked Rotor Cooling Amps.* 34 67
Approximate Cooling Full-Load Amps.* 9,8 16.1
Approximate Heating Full-Load Amps.* 15.4 15.7
Running Watts Cooling ** 990 1.537
Running Watts Cooling *** 1,150 1.909
Running Watts Heating 1,600 1.600
Length 22-1/8" 39"
Width 18-1/8" 23"
Height 19-1/8" 18-1/8"
Weight 75 Lb 180 Lb

Elevator Air Conditioner with Heater PDF flyer

Elevator air conditioner
with electric heater
Elevator Air Conditioner with Heater units PDF flyer PDF flyer

Tested under the following conditions:
* Air conditioner only. Does not include condensate evaporator.
** Cooling A.R.I. Standard Conditions 80F. DB/67F. WB Indoor, 95F. DB Outdoor at 115VAC.
*** Cooling A.R.I. Standard Conditions 95F. DB/71F. WB Indoor, 115F. DB Outdoor at 103.5VAC.


Elevator Air Conditioner/Heater complete set, Unit-A

Unit-A: Model AC6531B692A
Primarily used on elevator cabs that open onto air-conditioned space or lobbies and small cabs that cannot accommodate bigger Unit-B. Cool/Heat 7,100/5,600BTUH, short bonnet.
Additional information
Additional information

Unit-A Components

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A/C with Heater
Unit-A: Qty1
Return Air Bonnet
Assembly Unit-A: Qty1
Standard Size 12”x16” off
the Shelf Filter Unit-A: Qty1
10" Return Air Duct Mount
Ass’y. Unit-A: Qty1
rafd.jpg (90836 bytes) tmb.jpg (34334 bytes) thm.jpg (34857 bytes) tuc.jpg (46405 bytes)
12.5' Return Air 10"
Flex Duct Unit-A: Qty1
Thermostat Mounting Bracket
Unit-A: Qty1

Thermostat Unit-A: Qty1

Thermostat Cable with 4-pin
Connectors Unit-A: Qty1
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12.5' Insulated Supply Air
4" Flex Duct Unit-A: Qty1
Supply Air Diverter
Unit-A: Qty1
Thick-Wall Vinyl Condensate Drain Hose Unit-A: Qty1
Wire Ties for Ducts
Unit-A: Qty4


Elevator Air Conditioner/Heater complete set, Unit-B

Unit-B: Model AC6533392A
Designed for large cabs or installations with glass cabs and/or glass hoistways or cabs that open onto unconditioned space or lobbies. Cool/Heat 14,000/5,600BTUH.
Additional informationAdditional information

Unit-B Components

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A/C with Heater
Unit-B: Qty1
12.5' Return Air 10" Flex
Duct Unit-B: Qty1
10" Dia Collar Assembly
Unit-B: Qty2
Thermostat Mounting Bracket
Unit-B: Qty1
thm.jpg (34857 bytes) tuc.jpg (46405 bytes) sc.jpg (53619 bytes) ipb.jpg (40869 bytes)
Unit-B: Qty1
Thermostat Cable with 4-pin
Connectors Unit-B: Qty1
Starting Collar 10" Dia.
Unit-B: Qty2
Insulated Plenum Box
Unit-B: Qty1
saifd.jpg (95179 bytes) psc.jpg (41200 bytes) cdh.jpg (45275 bytes)
25' Insulated Supply Air
4" Flex Duct Unit-B: Qty1
4" Dia. Plenum Starting Collars
Unit-B: Qty4
Supply Air Diverter
Unit-B: Qty4
Thick-Wall Vinyl Condensate Drain Hose Unit-B: Qty1


Optional Condensate Evaporator
Includes drain pan filter to screen particles out of evaporator, overflow drain tube.

Model AC6531-3251
Condensate evaporator recommended for Unit-A. 2,000W, with a capacity of 6 pounds of water per hour. Requires separate 120VAC 20A circuit, 14”L x 12”W x 8”H, weight 15Lb.

Model AC6533-3251
Condensate evaporator recommended for Unit-B. 3,000W with a capacity of 9 pounds of water per hour. Requires separate 120VAC 20A circuit, 21”L x 13”W x 7”H, weight 20Lb.

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Optional Condensate Evaporator

Optional Thermostat
Model AC6531-3241
Auto/Manual changeover, Heat/Cool, On/Off thermostat, 7-day programmable operation.

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