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Our quality built 110VAC pit flood alarm is equipped with an 8’ long cord, 3 wire grounded plug, automatic liquid level controls and 4” bell. It is extremely adjustable, mounting to 8#, 12#, or 15# rails. Float switch CSA and UL approved.*

* NOTE: Bell must be located above high water level or 12” above bottom landing floor.

Model PFA1
Liquid level control switch is to be located 12” above pit floor.
One 4’ GRC pipe, 1-5/8” x 13/16” x 14” mounting unistrut.

Model PFA2
A second level control switch can be furnished so that when wired into the elevator control circuit, an elevator car will not go down into the bottom landing should 13” of water be present in a 4’0” pit.
Two 4’ GRC pipes, 1-5/8” x 13/16” x 14” mounting unistrut.

Model 21FA002
Replacement float switch.


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